Sunday, December 25, 2011

Crooks and Castles Ruckster Backpack Review

This is the Crooks and Castles Ruckster backpack, retails for $204.00 on the Crook and Castle website. It has a unique style to it, but unfortunately that is the only thing going for it.

The backpack material is fairly nice, the inside of the backpack has more than enough compartments, great for organizing things. The problem with the bag is that it has a build quality is worse then a fake nike bag from china.

First issue was the fact that a buckle was put on backwards. Who ever was sowing it, did not put the clip in the right direction. As a result one side of the outside pocket would not fully close.

Then the zipper above the the buckles was not properly sowed properly either. This cause the end of the zipper to separate unlocking the zipper. This happened after 1 hour of using the bag.

A third flaw with the bag was in the inner pattern. It is covered in Crooks and Castles logos. Unfortunately some of the logos consisted mainly of a large marijuana leaf. This might not be too bothersome, but if you plan on using the bag in a professional setting or even just trying to get through airport security without a hassle it can cause problems.

Over all I had high hopes for the bag, but for a $200 dollar bag it is an absolute joke

final rating
Design: 8/10 great on looks, a bit difficult to access some compartments, a tad bit too large, should be cut by and inch on each side
Quality: 0/10 if this bag was under 20 dollars I would understand. But for a $200 its is a cruel joke

I sent an email to the manufacturer asking them what the deal was with the quality, and if it was possible to replace the bag since the store was out of stock. They didn't answer the quality part, and told me to return the bag to the store, and I couldn't get a replacement

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